Indecisive moments (2012-2014)


Indecisive moments is a body of works that explores the tension between still image and motion, between moment and narrative.


My work is about “indecisive moments”, nuances in chronology and continuity, fragile moments that I manipulate and stretch in different rhythms. As a photographer, I was always intrigued by the classic notion that there is a split second where everything is balanced to perfection, the classic “decisive moment”. My life experiences gave me a more complex perspective, that moments are not isolated from their context, and documenting that multifaceted perspective became the focus of my explorations.


In my process I am entering a “slowing down” state, both when working with my subjects, setting rules and directions to the photo shoot, as well as when editing and manipulating the photographic sequences, stretching time and distorting rhythm. As a result, the viewers experience a deceleration of a brief moment and immerse in the different point of views depicted in that situation all at once.