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I am challenging the conventional notion of photography as a medium that captures a single, decisive moment in time. Instead, I am exploring the idea of photography as a mediated and deferred rendition of a remembered instant, shaped by our sensorial, cognitive, habitual, and situational factors.

Each work begins with an intuitive decision of freezing a moment with a camera, a decision that is informed by a complex experience of that moment. Yet, if you look at the image afterwards, you only access one aspect of that moment. What follows is a process of digital manipulation, where I deconstruct, stack, and reconfigure multiple “decisive moments” into a new multi layered form.


The works invite the viewers to question and interpret their own perception of reality, to appreciate the nuances, details, and delays that are often overlooked or ignored in the fast-paced and saturated world of commercial visual media. The artist’s work reveals the possibility of multiple subjective “truths”, and the beauty of the in-between and the indecisive.

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