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Deferred interpretation


Photography is a delayed interpretation of memory. In my work, I manipulate and extend the delay process to deconstruct the previously believed notion of a photographic "decisive moment". I strive to transform viewers’ expectations so they question and interpret their own experience. My work manipulates time, complexity and anticipation. The way we experience life is hard to

capture on visual medium. Life is not a collection of decisive moments; rather, it is a continuum of simultaneous and delayed strings of events, each with its own rhythm and length. We experience them with our senses, knowledge, and memories which sets our expectations and create a unique perception of the world around us. The continuous tension between the complex nature of reality and the inherent limitation of the visual medium is the force that drives my work.

I use various visual mediums including photography, video, and interactive installations.

In my collages, I go through a two-step process, starting with freezing a moment - a more intuitive, impulsive process, followed by digital manipulation where I disassemble, analyze, stack, and form a new interpretation to a captured series of “decisive moments”.

My work can contribute to understand the in between, the possibility of more than one subjective “truth”, appreciating the delay and the indecisiveness of a moment. 

Visual media in the commercial world is loud, extreme, and is made in a way that we jump to a conclusion very fast. There is no time for nuances, details, delay. No time for several angles, perspectives. 

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